catchup...byway of instagram

our future ortho.
i admit, this is pretty fun to play with.

loving the many park days.

kade's latest.

not to be outdone by her brother.

death by diet coke spillage.
thankful for friends that just happen to have a spare mac keyboard laying around.
thanks jenn!

who knew?  never heard of candiar?
i am a sucker for easter candy.

very clever.
thank you ac/dc.

i sure love this baby girl.
(especially when she is asleep)

kendal's coloring contest prize.  
just what we needed here.

more of shane's texts of where am I?
more like..."look what i am doing while you
are folding laundry."

the alamo.  is there in fact a basement?

oklahoma city memorial.

his "what not to wear" pic.
it's only 80 degrees.  i can see why she went with the boots.

the latest hobby.  raising quail.
what's next?

st. george airshow.
look close...there is a lady on the wing.

jeff and kade.
entertaining performance for sure.

kendal modeling the latest spring patterns (and her gum).

how i knew what center kade was playing in when i was
helping out in his class.

7 telling it like it is:

H said...

I kind of hate reading your posts! Every time you put the most delicious new candy, and I have the same taste in goodies as you apparantly, so I spend weeks trying to find the dang thing, then a day eating the while bag by myself!!! Thanks!!! PS where did you find these? ;)

Amanda said...

Sorry...I am the worst when it comes to having "secret candy stashes."
I found them at Maceys. (it's an associated store, so you might ck out Lin's for them)
If you can't find them, I would gladly send you a bag in the mail. Don't want you missing out!

Vanessa said...

I take it Kendal is banned from Kade's room?

That bear is huge.

Amanda said...

Love knowing that my son isn't the only one who bans his younger sister from his room but not the youngest....will it ever end? Love Kendal's prize but am so glad that we didn't win it!

Jenn Mobbs said...

You may be a little confused about the comment you just left but it was me logged in as you from yesterday when you burned the dvd.....I don't use google except on blogger so I didn't realize I was leaving you a message as you until I tried to look at a friends private blog. For some reason this is making me LOL and I can't stop. Thanks for a case of the evening giggles:-)

Misty said...

Must... have... candiar... We need to hang out again. Preferably before you finish off that bag of swedish eggs. :)

Heather S. said...

I love easter candy too, and really liked the swedish eggs! I enjoy your husbands where am I photos too. Hope he loved the river walk in San Antonio, I LOVED that place (thats where Michelle lives now). Sorry, I've been slacking on blogging and checking blogs, but need to get back into it (I've missed your updates, so it's fun to look at all your pictures)!