she likes boops...i.e books.


because these aren't gonna post themselves...

if i don't do this now...it's just never gonna happen.
and don't mind the randomness of the photos.
just a bunch of things i don't want to forget.

another school year down and full swing into summer.

my graduates!

sweet mrs. thomas.  
kade had a wonderful kindergarten year.

sweet but "rockin" ms. pam.
kendal loved starbright & is looking forward to kindergarten.

kendal's spring tavasi performance.
totally in her element here.

last week of school bike rides to school.

kade & his school buddies.

meet mack.  
dog #3.
i think i am crazy.

he is pretty cute though.

kelsie and her dislike of flip flops.

loves books & grandma...


and diet coke.

i love this sleepy face in the morning!
her bed head is the best.
it never gets old listening to her chatter in the morning
before i get her out.

kendal loves to accessorize.

lou lou turned 5.
special present shane picked up at mall of america.
both kelsie and kendal love mckenna.
and i love her black feet in the last pic.

this looks familiar.
kendal did this same thing at this age.

1st corn on the cob.
she was in heaven!

kendal & mack at her preschool pet show.

fun visit from the laverkin
munson clan.
hoping kayla will return after her run in with the tile floor.

shane celebrated another year.
cake & grandma & grandpa cookie's special delivery.
birthday serenade included.

celebrated skywest's 40 years 
at the hanger in slc.
kids loved the face painting, balloons & games.

and if you stayed with me...you deserve a prize.


catchup...byway of instagram

our future ortho.
i admit, this is pretty fun to play with.

loving the many park days.

kade's latest.

not to be outdone by her brother.

death by diet coke spillage.
thankful for friends that just happen to have a spare mac keyboard laying around.
thanks jenn!

who knew?  never heard of candiar?
i am a sucker for easter candy.

very clever.
thank you ac/dc.

i sure love this baby girl.
(especially when she is asleep)

kendal's coloring contest prize.  
just what we needed here.

more of shane's texts of where am I?
more like..."look what i am doing while you
are folding laundry."

the alamo.  is there in fact a basement?

oklahoma city memorial.

his "what not to wear" pic.
it's only 80 degrees.  i can see why she went with the boots.

the latest hobby.  raising quail.
what's next?

st. george airshow.
look close...there is a lady on the wing.

jeff and kade.
entertaining performance for sure.

kendal modeling the latest spring patterns (and her gum).

how i knew what center kade was playing in when i was
helping out in his class.